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babyMiku claims to be the brightest mind in baby monitoring

And its makers' claim may be true! Miku can track your baby's sleeping patterns, breathing, motion and sounds, allowing parents to stream HD video and audio in real time, even when the Internet connection is down. It doesn't require any wires or wearables, and it works in conjunction with your smart phone.


bitcoinLedger Nano S aims to be the benchmark of crypto security

If you have any crypto assets, you know that they can be stolen by people who have access to your private key. Ledger Nano S protects your key by embedding it into a secure chip that's locked with a PIN code. It supports 1100+ currencies and gives you the ability to manage several assets with a single wallet.


routerThe Libre Router project targets community networks

The Libre Router project is a high-speed Wi-Fi router that was built with community networks in mind. Many of us have access to wireless connections, but most rural communities (think Latin America, for example) may need devices that are able to share an Internet connection with an entire village.


paintingAdvanced AI recreates paintings from photographs

Repaint uses deep learning algorithms to recreate detailed paintings by determining the needed colors, and then printing them with a high-end 3D printer. The end result is improved through halftoning, a printing process that recreates colored areas using lots of tiny dots, instead of utilizing continuous tones.


photoThe largest photo of Prague that was ever taken

Jeffrey Martin, a professional photographer who does consulting work for startups involved in camera hardware design and VR, has created a panoramic photo of Prague using a high-resolution camera and a 600mm lens. He shot 8,000 overlapping images, combining them into a seamless 900K resolution photo.


wheelPeople with physical challenges use Loro to connect with the world

Loro is a smart device for wheelchair users, allowing them to interact with the environment and communicate with their loved ones efficiently. The device includes a laser pointer, an HD camera, a flashlight and an audio system, and can be controlled using a joystick, eye tracking, or a touch screen.


droneTest demonstrates that drones can safely deliver human organs

A group of researchers from the University of Maryland’s Department of Aerospace Engineering have recently run an experiment, trying to determine if organ delivery time can be minimized by using a drone. Biopsies of the utilized kidney revealed no damage at all, making the experiment a success.


water"Wood-to-Energy Deployable Emergency Water" sources water from the air

The Skywater machines convert biomass into water using an adiabatic distillation process. The machines work fine when air humidity is between 65% to 100% and temperatures range from 65F to 105F. Nominal power consumption varies from 40 Wh to 8.2 kWh, depending on each machine's capacity.


electricityProxxi reduces risk of electrical contact injuries and electrocution

The device protects workers from electrical contact injuries, keeping employees safe and reducing the huge insurance payouts. Proxxi has been designed for industrial workers, allowing companies to monitor safety in real time. It's an always-on multi-sensor solution which warns people before contact.


travelerTraveler wants to be the ultimate distraction-free writing tool

And truth be told, it's got an impressive set of features. Its E-Ink screen allows you to work for up to a month without needing to recharge the device. It's got a full-size keyboard and weighs less than 2 lbs. Its folding design makes it easy to carry in a purse, and it syncs with most popular cloud storage services.